Gina Vericella Crevi, Evanston (left), Jennifer Vericella Prado, Bloomington (right)

We have a true passion for fashion.


Clothing in rich colors cover the exterior walls with sweaters, soft to the touch, folded amidst eclectic jewelry on sharp-edged tables. Upbeat contemporary music echoes throughout the boutique and behind the cash register. Waiting to greet you is a friendly face ushering you into a sophisticated world of fashion situated on 612 Davis St., just blocks off campus.

After graduating from Ole Miss in 2009 with a major in graphic design and a minor in mass communications, she moved back to her hometown in Bloomington, Ill. In October that year, with the support of her parents and a distinct vision, Vericella’s dream became a success as she opened her first boutique, gigi BOTTEGA, a fusion of her nickname Gigi, from Gina, and the Italian word for boutique, “bottega.” Vericella’s vision for the store was to “cater towards the contemporary woman” with “customer-friendly prices." ­

But after almost two years, she was looking for a change, but didn’t want to sacrifice her dream job. “I wanted to move up to Chicago to kind of expand the boutique” Vericella said. “So I went around to a few different suburbs and then I just fell in love with Evanston because Northwestern’s here, it’s close to the city, there’s a lot going on down here, lots of young people,”  

With her mother managing the Bloomington boutique, Vericella was excited to expand her business in a college town. She initially recognized the need for “going out” clothes that boutiques offered for college-age women when she was at Ole Miss. For most, navigating entrepreneurship could be a daunting task, but it was one that Vericella tackled seemingly without effort.

And it’s obvious that Vericella knows the formula for success. For Vericella, it’s all work and all play. She travels to Las Vegas and into Chicago to the merchandise market to pick out the inventory for the store and satiates her online shopping addiction by browsing vendors’ websites. With a passion for fashion, spending every day doing what you love seems like a pretty good deal.

Vericella describes her own style as contemporary, but still traditional. Classic and wearable looks are her favorite, especially when they have a fashion-forward twist. The store is definitely an extension of her personal style with clean and classic pieces that make fashionistas go weak in the knees, and even at affordable prices.

“I think just being in the fashion industry (inspires me). I am just obsessed with everything fashion, I am constantly looking online at new trends and styles. The big designers and up-and-coming people,” Vericella said. “That just inspires me to want to grow my business and keep building and do other things, not only operate and own this, but venture out into the fashion world.”


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